Alpha Beta Waves ­ Electro Hebrew Trance US concert tour New York: Tonic, Galapagos Art Space, Makor, North Six (opening act for Gogol Bordelo), California: forthcoming.

Callings, original work Interpretation of ancient Ukrainian and Jewish ritualistic music, in collaboration with Ukrainian vocalist Mariana Sadovska and acclaimed director Ruth Kanner. JCC New York

Sleepless in Jerusalem, original video and vocal work Poetry Performance 2003 festival, HaıZira Performance Art Theater, Jerusalem

December 2002

His Lips are Roses, original work In collaboration with Ruth Weider Magan, accompanied by cello and viola Odem Festival, Jerusalem Theater Company; Tzafta Theater, Tel-Aviv; Gerard-Bechar Theater, Jerusalem. Forthcoming at Sacred Music festival, Delhi, India before the Dalai Lama.

Storatelling Artist Residency 2002,six month residency sponsored by New York-Israel Cultural Cooperation Commission

Transletters, original multimedia work Debut performance at Public Theater in May 2003

November 2002

In the Beginning there was a Song, Duet with Mariana Sadovska Performances in Labov, Kiev and extensive research on Hasidic and Ukrainian music as part of fellowship

Do not Gaze at me Because Iım Dark,original solo work Composed for Yigal Nizri show opening Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv

April 2002

Shan Dubi Shan (Sleep Teddy Sleep), solo work by Nori Yaacovi, lyrics by Yona Volach Composed for Victoria Hanna, in collaboration with Caprizma Chamber Ensemble Mishkenot Shaananim Music Center, Jerusalem

February 2002

Pure and Red,original work Accompanied by Frank London of the Klezmatics Israel Non-Stop, JCC, New York

2001 ­ 2002

Kamti Ani Liftoach (I Stood up to Open),original vocal/theatrical work HaıZira Performance Art Theater, Jerusalem; The Acco Fringe Theater Festival; Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv; Einav Center, Tel-Aviv; Susan-Dallal Center, Tel-Aviv; Forum Freies Theater, Germany


Elohai Neshama,original song and score Featured in Trembling Before God, directed by Sandy Dubavsky


The Yemenite Diwan, solo work composed by Mordechai Setter Selected to perform solo, accompanied by Musica Nova Orchestra Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Tel-Aviv Museum for the Arts

1999 ­ 2001

Pure and Red TheatroNeto: Annual Israel Theater Festival; New York: Knitting Factory, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Makor, Tonic, Galapagos Art Space; World Tour: The Subtropic Festival, Miami; Mumbai, India


The Dybbuk, featured as Lea Haıbima National Theater, Tel-Aviv

1997 ­ 1998

Those Days in Terezin, original songs and renewals of original cabaret music from Terezin Ghetto in Czech Repulbic, performed in docu-drama directed by Sibylle Schonmann Featured in Film Festivals: Berlin, Locarno, Sheffield, Boston, Washington, Sao Paolo


Songs Hidden and Revealed, in collaboration with Ruth Weider Magan, Theater Company, Jerusalem The Israel Festival, Jerusalem; Budapest, Hungary


2001 Training in Dhrupad-Classical Indian Singing with Uday Bhavalkar, Poona, India

1994 ­ 1997 TVocal training with Ruth Weider Magan, Theater Company, Jerusalem

1992 ­ 1995 The Nisan Nativ Acting Studio, Jerusalem

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